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Axis Football League 2014

Axis Football League 2014

Axis Football League is currently under development and scheduled for release in 2014. Keep an eye on this page for videos, news, and beta testing information for AFL 2014.

Create Yourself as a Player in AFL 2014

In an effort to raise additional resources to purchase artwork and licenses for iOS and Android, Axis Games is running a fund raiser that allows you to create players in upcoming AFL 2014 game.

You can select everything from the team, player name, jersey number, position, and race. Please note that these are first come, first serve, and players are more than welcome to create multiple players!

We are asking a minimum donation of $5 per player that you create. To create a player, simply click on the donate button and enter your desired gift amount. You will also be prompted to enter your player's information.

Thank you so much for your support in helping make this game a reality for everyone!

AFL 2014 Demo

WASD/Arrows - Move Player
SPACEBAR - Snap Ball, Sprint
Left Click - Snap Ball, Throw Ball
    *Ball is thrown where you click
    *Tap for lob pass
    *Hold for bullet pass

(Requires Unity3D Plugin)